Innovation in Music

Music Investment

Getting You Money for your Film’s Music Budget

Cola Music Group works as liaison between film production companies and investors. In exchange for the investment, interested companies buy the publishing and master rights of the music the film contains. Some investors buy the rights exclusively, keeping them for the entire lifetime of the songs, while others buy the rights until they have recouped 120% of their investment, at which point the rights return to the writers.

Meeting the Criteria for Investment


To be considered for investment, films must have a guaranteed worldwide release of some sort. Films with domestic theatrical releases on 1000 screens or more and international theatrical releases are preferred. Straight to DVD, or films with a domestic DVD and international theatrical release may also be considered for investment.

The investment companies prefer films with budgets exceeding $10 million and films with A-list cast and/or crew. Films under 10mil will be considered depending on the picture quality, audience appeal and the package.


To be considered for investment, TV programs must have a guaranteed release by a notable TV Network, preferably worldwide.


Investment Amounts:

Investment amounts are determined on a per-film basis by the investment companies. Determining criteria are things such as:

-       Minutes of Music in the film

–       Distribution details:

–       Distributors

–       Distribution Territories

–       Sales Estimates

–       Caliber of Cast and Crew

–       Film Genre

–       Budget


Cola Music Group plays a vital role in the negotiation process. We work to get the film production the most amount of money and the best overall deal possible. We save you the headache by doing all the legwork for you. We pitch your film to various investors to get you the best overall bid while keeping the artistic integrity of your film. The more potential for a return on investment your film represents, the higher the investment amount will be.

Investment amounts can range all the way from $10K to $2 Million, depending on the project.

Possibilities for slate deals also exist. If your production company has several films coming up, you can create a multi-picture deal with an investment company, even if some of the films are only in the beginning stages of development/production. This will ensure that your films will already have some or all of their funding for the music in place, making it easier for you to get additional funding for the film from other sources such as bank loans, film financiers, investors, and so on.


Additional Services

Some of our investment partners also provide music services. This is an optional perk. On top of investing in the music budget of your film, these companies can provide services such as music supervision, licensing, collection/administration, and almost any music related services for your movie. So not only do these companies invest in your film, but they can also take all the work involved with making and finding the music. These companies take the work off your hands and put it in the hands of academy award winning composers and music supervisors. These professionals will work closely with the director/producers of the film to ensure that the director’s artistic vision is brought to life. Fees for these services range from $10K to $50K per film. The staff will work with your music budget and on top of creating a top-notch score, will find source music from Grammy award winning artists as well as talented up-and-comers.



Cola Music Group’s Fees

For finding investors for your film, Cola Music Group charges the production an initial fee of $5000 per film and a backend of 5% of Publishing of all music in the film. Once the relationship between the production company and their investor is established, Cola Music will receive the same fees for any future deals that arise out of the relationship. This includes deals by any affiliates of the production and affiliates of the investment company.

Investment Company Fees

Although deals vary on a per-film basis, in exchange for investment, the investor will own the publishing and master rights of all of the music in the film.

Administration fees may apply. Music servicing fees (if applicable) may apply.


Submit a Project for Investment

To submit your project, please send the following information to info[at]

Please Follow the below instructions EXACTLY!
In the subject line of the email please put the following: PROJECT TITLE – Investment Submission

In the body of the email please include all of the following information that applies to your project:

–       Title

–       Logline

–       Synopsis

–       Cast

–       Director

–       Writer

–       Producer

–       Domestic and International Release Dates

–       Primary Release Type (Theatrical, DVD, TV, etc.)

–       Distributor

–       Sales Agent

–       Pre-sold Territories

–       TV Network (TV projects only)

–       Composer

–       Is the Composer willing to give up publishing rights? Yes? No?

–       Music Supervisor

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number

–       Your contact information

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Relationship to Project

–       Please attach your project’s Script in PDF format to the email

*Scripts will not be shared with anyone except the potential investment companies and Cola Music Group staff. Scripts will not be otherwise shared, sold, or distributed.